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Among the many pinners and nailers on the market, these stand out. They are not just built to last but are thoughtfully designed with features that make the tool more comfortable and convenient to use.

The easy-to-fill side-loading magazines have a long window, so you can see at a glance when it's time to reload, while their stepped profile lets you tilt the tool for better access into corners. The swivelling hose coupling minimizes tangles, and a rear-mounted vent directs the exhaust away from the user. To prevent marring delicate or contoured surfaces, each tool has a replaceable soft tip.

A belt hook lets you carry the tool hands-free on either side of the body, helpful when working on a ladder. With a durable all-metal construction, each tool has a cast aluminum housing, an extruded magazine, and precisely machined pistons and valves. Tight manufacturing tolerances ensure smooth, jam-free operation and minimize wear.

Each comes in a fitted plastic carry case. Professional-grade tools backed by a 1-year warranty.

The 23 gauge pinners are good choices for trim work or assembling projects not subject to significant loading. Just 0.025" in diameter, the headless pins leave an inconspicuous hole that can simply be painted over or filled with sanding dust to color-match surrounding wood. The tiny fastener also displaces little material, so it can be driven close to an edge with minimal risk of splitting.

The basic P635 pinner drives headless pins from 3/8" to 1-3/8" long. The more powerful P650LX model drives pins up to 2" long, sufficient to secure thick molding through drywall and into the underlying stud. Its trigger automatically disengages when there are just a few fasteners left, eliminating dry-firing so you don't make dents in your work or cause needless wear to the tool.

You can also override this mechanism if you want to use the remaining pins to tack your work in place – something you'll appreciate when you're up a ladder. Both tools operate at 70 to 100 psi and can be used with settings of up to 130 psi for dense materials.

The 1850GB nailer installs 18 gauge brads, which have greater pullout resistance and shear strength than headless pins, so they're suitable for projects that require sturdy construction to resist loading. The driver pin is slimmer in cross section than most nailers on the market, so it leaves a hole only about the size of the brad head. Similar to the P650LX pinner, it has the anti-dry-fire mechanism but without the override.

You can select between two firing modes: in sequential mode, the tool fires once for every squeeze of the trigger, and in continuous mode, the tool automatically drives a brad each time you touch the tip to the work while holding down the trigger. An adjustment wheel lets you fine tune nailing depth independent of air pressure. The nailer accepts 1/2" to 2" brads and operates at 70 to 120 psi. For dense material, pressure can be set up to 145 psi.

We also offer optional edge guides, used to register the tool against the workpiece, helping ensure that pins and brads are set at a consistent distance from the edge. Made of anodized aluminum, they are available in two models, one for use with Grex 23 gauge pinners (except for the P650LX model) and one compatible with Grex 18 gauge brad nailers.

Each has a graduated arm (marked in 1/16" increments) that permanently mounts on the magazine, with a removable stop that can be locked at any point along the arm for accurate, repeatable positioning.

A 5/8" diameter plastic disc provides a smooth, low-friction registration surface, so it's easy to slide the guide along the stock as you work. Maximum distance for the stop is 2-1/2" for the 23 gauge model and 4-1/2" for the 18 gauge model.

Click here to view our selection of headless pins and brad nails.

A.  Grex P635 Pinner, 23 ga.
 86N53.02 Additional views   
  $188.00 Add to cartOnline: Available
B.  Grex P650LXE Pinner, 23 ga.
  $308.00 Add to cartOnline: Available
C.  Grex 1850GB Brad Nailer, 18 ga.
 86N53.10 Additional views   
  $198.00 Add to cartOnline: Available
D.  Grex Edge Guide, 23 ga.
  $25.50 Add to cartOnline: Available
E.  Grex Edge Guide, 18 ga.
  $25.50 Add to cartOnline: Available

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