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While there are a lot of flashlights on the market, these stand out from the pack. Our selection includes three popular and powerful flashlights that we have offered for years, along with two innovative new models.

Compact and lightweight , all are exceptionally bright and have a lens and reflector combination that provides excellent focus control; whether narrowly focused as a spotlight or set as a wide-angle floodlight, the beam has no voids or dark spots. To ensure consistent light output and long battery life, a microcontroller regulates power to the Cree LEDs. Thumb-operated switches let you toggle quickly between light intensity modes with just a light touch, or depress fully for constant on. The water-resistant bodies are tough, aircraft-grade aluminum for excellent durability under rigorous use. Designed and inspected in Denmark, the lights are assembled in China using components made in the USA and China; all are backed with a 5-year warranty against defects in material and workmanship. Each light comes in a fitted black pasteboard presentation tube for gift giving, except the Q7XR model, which comes in a storage case with a fitted foam interior.

With a sprung-steel clip to hold it in a pocket, the powerful Q1 penlight is an excellent inspection tool. Developed for the trades, it has two modes with lumen outputs of 40 and 160, illuminating objects up to 70m (230') away. The lens housing rotates to adjust the light beam from a 5° spotlight to a 65° floodlight. Just 5-1/2" long, it has an on/off toggle switch at the crown. Uses two AAA batteries (included) and runs for up to 10 hours.

Both bright and compact, the Q4 flashlight is shorter than the penlight at just under 5" but has a largerdiameter body. Offering a brightness range of 40 to 400 lumens, it can illuminate objects up to 200m (over 650') away. A three-position switch adjusts the beam from full intensity to a low setting or off. From the off position, you can use the dimmer to adjust the intensity for the low setting; the circuitry saves it for the next time you turn the light on. You can slide the telescoping lens housing with your thumb to focus the beam from a narrow 10° spotlight to a broad 70° floodlight. At the lowest setting, the Q4 runs for up to 80 hours on three AAA batteries (included) and comes with a lanyard and a belt case.

A larger flashlight at about 6-1/4" long by 1-1/2" in diameter, the Q5XR flashlight is more than twice as bright as the Q4, with 1000 lumens at full intensity. It has the same dimmer switch as the Q4, which allows you to preset a low setting anywhere within its range (down to 1 lumen). Slide the telescoping lens housing with your thumb to adjust the beam from a 12° spotlight to a 70° floodlight. It runs for up to 3-1/2 hours at 200 lumens on the included high-capacity lithium-ion battery, and docks on a wall-mounted charging station to replenish the battery in about 3 hours. Illuminates objects up to 280m (915') away and comes with a lanyard and a belt case.

Like the Q5XR, the Q7XR flashlight is remarkably bright, with 1000 lumens at full intensity to illuminate up to an incredible 345m (1130') away. Not only does its higher-capacity lithium-ion battery give a longer run time of up to 37 hours at 50 lumens, but it also comes with a spare battery so there's no need to wait for recharging. It has a five-mode toggle switch – full intensity, 500 lumens, 250 lumens, 50 lumens, strobe – and a thumb-operable telescoping lens for adjusting beam focus from a 10° spotlight to a 70° floodlight. It measures 6-1/4" and comes with a lanyard and a belt case with a slot for the spare battery. It also includes a recharging station with both standard and USB power plugs.

A.  Q1 Penlight, 160 lm
  $46.50 Add to cartOnline: Available
B.  Q4 Flashlight, 400 lm
  $74.50 Add to cartOnline: Available
C.  Q5XR Flashlight, 1000 lm
  $135.00 Add to cartOnline: Available
D.  Q7XR Flashlight, 1000 lm
 45K19.88 Additional views   
  $215.00 Add to cartOnline: Available

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