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   Vol. 7, Issue 4
    June 2012
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Dear Folks at Lee Valley,

Weeds removed using the water-powered weeder

I just had to send you a shot of the monsters I captured with the Water-Powered Weeder (AL829) that I bought through your catalog. Can you believe it? That big beastie measured 23" on the vertical. It took me more than an hour to remove, but only because it had so many lateral root sections. And this was early in the year. I just love this tool and I tell all my friends what they're missing by not owning one. And it is way worth the cost. In fact, it is so worth it, I should send you money back. (But I won't, if that's ok?!)

My daughter says I should just, "get a life, mom", but I really love my yard and I am so pleased to share with you just how much.

Thanks for everything.

Very truly yours,
E. M.
Pueblo, Colorado

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