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   Vol. 7, Issue 5
   August 2012
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Dear Lee Valley,

Axie in his pool
Axie beats the heat in his wading pool (also known as a giant plant tray), which is the perfect size for him.

My adolescent dog, Axie, loves his new wading pool (giant plant tray XA101), especially when I dislodge a tray of miniature ice cubes into it for his amusement.

The size of my deck wouldn't accommodate a traditional kiddy pool, so we improvised. He is a Cairn terrier and tends to get very warm from the humidity in our area during the summer. He would flop down into rain puddles with all four legs splayed before I made this fantastic purchase for him.

He still likes to lie down in the occasional puddle on our walks and frequents his wading pool daily, as long as I supply fresh water every two days or so. Spoiled?

S.G and Axie
Ottawa, Ontario

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