Lee Valley Tools    Woodworking Newsletter
   Vol. 5, Issue 3
   January 2011
   The Making of a Lee Valley Catalog Cover

  May 2009 cover
  The May 2009 woodworking cover
There are some customers who consider Lee Valley catalogs to be collectors' items. This is a great compliment to the designers, photographers and other staff members who work on them and who strive to inspire and intrigue readers with the high-quality images shown on the cover.

In fact, covers are considered to be more than just advertising for the company; that's why they never feature retail products. Instead, antique tools or the works of amateur and professional woodworkers take center stage in the company's woodworking catalogs. But how does it all come to fruition?

In the case of the May 2009 woodworking supplement cover that featured the work of Canadian sculptor Lou Lynn, it was the artist who originally approached Lee Valley president Robin Lee. He put her in touch with Frank Schepens, director of the publications department that produces the catalogs, who recalled being impressed with her work. "I pursued it because she had an interesting craft," he said.

  Artist Lou Lynn
  Artist Lou Lynn finds inspiration in the Lee Valley antique tool collection.
The artist has been known to find inspiration in industrial objects, especially those of the past. "The sculptural qualities of hand tools hold a particular fascination for me," she said in her artist's statement. So, Ms. Lynn was invited to visit Lee Valley's antique tool collection, composed of more than 10,000 individual pieces, to get ideas that she could apply to an art series. Surrounded by the huge collection, she was inspired to create what some may describe as fantasy tools made out of cast bronze and glass. The shapes are familiar, but each has its own distinctive twist, as per the artist's vision.
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