Lee Valley Tools    Woodworking Newsletter
   Vol. 5, Issue 3
   January 2011
   Customer Letters

Dear Lee Valley,

I've just been having a happy read of your old catalog covers and customer letters (always one of my favorite parts of your catalogs).

  The Lee Valley jar opener
  The Lee Valley jar opener
I was introduced to your company purely by chance. At a garage sale, I bought a large cardboard box full of hardcover books, each with that musty scent of days gone by. Back home, I was down on the floor rooting through said box and at the very bottom found a fairly recent Lee Valley Catalog. I picked it up, sat back on my heels and began to leaf through it. I was immediately entranced — the obvious care for quality and the humorous note of the product descriptions was very different from the hard sell of so many catalogs.

I can no longer recall what it was that I first ordered from you, but that lucky find of your catalog was, and will ever be, a treasure.

The integrity of Lee Valley is well-known to those of us who are fiercely loyal to you. We proclaim of you to anyone who will sit still long enough to listen. I recently was at a social function with two elderly lady friends of ours and one began a complaint of how difficult she found it to open jars. Our other friend leapt in with an immediate agreement. I smiled to myself; I knew what I was going to order for them as soon as I returned home — your deceptively simple but magnificently effective jar opener.

When I presented them each with their new opener and explained how to use it, they exclaimed at the thickness of the metal and agreed it appeared to be a quality item, but I could tell they were somewhat dubious as to how well it might work. Later in the evening, I had a phone call from one and an email from the other. Both were thrilled at how easily a jar had been opened after releasing the vacuum with your simple opener. I sent each of them the link to your online catalog. My husband said, with quiet satisfaction, "Two more people batty about Lee Valley products."

When your Victoria store opened, we were there, slightly dizzy with the thrill of a Lee Valley store within driving distance! (We live in Nanaimo.)

I just wanted to write and tell you how wonderful and purely delightfully marvelous it is that your company exists. Those of us who hunger for integrity and honesty in commerce find dealing with Lee Valley a deeply satisfying experience. Keep up the good work.

We love you.

Bert & Cheryl Bales,
Nanaimo, British Columbia
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