Lee Valley & Veritas Woodworking
Lee Valley 35 Years  
  Volume 7, Issue 5 - May 2013    
A Quick and Easy Board Jack
When working on the edge of a long board, it's handy to be able to support it along the length of the workbench. With one end in a front vise, the other can be supported by a bench slave. This version can be made quickly and inexpensively from items you probably already have in your shop. Read more...
Working Smart in Your Shop
Working Smart in Your Shop
As he nears retirement age, woodworker Charles Mak has no plans of slowing down in the workshop; instead, he's focused on working efficiently to conserve energy and prevent injury. Here are his tips for doing the work of a younger person, without all the effort. Read more...
What Is It?
What Is It?
Even our expert wasn't sure about this tool's purpose until he happened to find its 1903 patent. Read more...
From the Collection
From the Collection
This beautiful buckhorn scraper was hand made from a piece of firewood. Read more...
Interesting Read
Interesting Read
In this excerpt from a 1921 camping guidebook, the process of bending wood to make a hunting bow is explained. Read more...
Project of the Month
Customer Project
After purchasing Buffard banding from us many years ago, customer Jim Thomson finally found the right project for it. Read more...
Featured Patent
Featured Patents
With its stepped-claw design, this hammer, patented in 1941, enabled the user to remove nails without bending them. Read more...
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