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The following instructions were provided by the manufacturer.
  • Heavy-duty, industrial-grade engineering and construction

  • Sealed ball bearing design for greater accuracy and durability

  • Exceptionally low friction means cooler running blades and longer blade life

  • No wear on contact surfaces eliminates the need for constant blade adjustments common with block guides

  • Thrust support bearing at the rear of the guide establishes low-friction contact on all blade surfaces

Guides are a major key to band saw performance. Blade guides prevent the blade from moving out of position when cutting. This is particularly critical in resawing. Inadequate guiding under resaw stress will result in inconsistent lumber thickness and substandard parts.
The Jet 14” Guide Kit includes:
  • 1 - upper guide assembly
  • 1 - upper guide mounting bracket
  • 1 - upper guard mounting bracket
  • 1 - upper mounting stud
  • 2 - M6 lower bracket mounting screws
  • 1 - lower guide
  • 1 - lower guide mounting bracket
  • 1 - lower mounting stud
  • 1 - 1/4”-20 guard mounting
Upper Guide Installation
  1. Remove existing upper guide and guard completely. This kit includes a modified guard to replace the original.
  2. Slide the guard attachment up over the vertical guide post and fasten in place with set screws provided.
  3. Attach the upper guide bracket and guide as described in the 'Guide Adjustment Instructions' below.
  4. Adjust the upper guide as described below.
  5. Attach the new guard to the guard attachment bracket and position the assembly down near the guide bracket.
  6. If you currently have the riser block for your 14" Jetbandsaw, or if you purchase the riser block in the future, you must also order Jet part #199102C. This piece is needed for the guard when using the Carter bandsaw guides and riser block together. There is no charge for this part from Jet. This part is not included with the Jet riser block assembly or Carter guides because it is only needed when the two are used in combination.

Jet bandsaw with table and original guides removed
Lower Guide Installation
  1. Remove lower guide and attachments completely.
  2. Attach lower guide bracket and guard plate to the saw frame, using M6 screws provided.
  3. Slide the 7/16” lower mounting stud into the lower bracket as shown and attach the lower guide.
  4. Adjust the lower guide as detailed in the instructions below.
Jet bandsaw with new guides attached
Guide Adjustment Instructions
Caution: Disconnect all electrical power before adjusting bandsaw guides.
  1. Each bearing assembly can be adjusted by loosening the socket head cap screw through the center of the bearing. Slide the bearing assembly sideways so that the bearing is a couple of thousandths of an inch — about the thickness of a sheet of paper — away from the blade. Then, lock the bearing assembly in place by retightening the socket cap screw. This should be done for both the side bearings and the back-up bearing.

  2. The lower thrust wheel should be adjusted by loosening the locking set screw and sliding the shaft forward or backward until the back of the blade is just a couple of thousandths of an inch ahead of the top surface of the thrust wheel. Lock the thrust wheel in place by retightening the set screw.

  3. Both the upper and lower guide assemblies should be moved forward until the front edge of the side support bearings lies just behind the gullet of the teeth of the blade.