A fast way to make a mallet is to use the sandwich method. Make the center slice the same thickness as your handle. The faces of the mallet should be end grain and the handle tapered so that it is always tight in the head. Don't try to glue the whole thing together at once. Glue the center sections to one outside slice and then glue the last slice to this assembly. This sequence is much easier than trying to keep all four pieces organized as you clamp.


If you are a Type A personality and insist on gluing everything at once, tap tiny brads into both sides of the center sections and nip off all but 1/16". As you press everything together this will keep these small pieces from sliding around.

Don't worry about glue failure with this method. If you are using a good glue (and if you don't starve the joints!), the joints should outlast you. (LL - 1/95)