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Logan Mat-Cutting Systems - Woodworking
Logan Mat-Cutting Systems - Woodworking
Logan Mat-Cutting Systems - Woodworking
Logan Mat-Cutting Systems - Woodworking
These three mat-cutting systems make it easy to get professional results.

Designed for small shops, the Simplex Mat Cutter is a full-featured system for making repetitive cuts to a capacity of 40". The cutting board is 3/4" thick vinyl-covered fiberboard with a 27" squaring arm. The hinged aluminum dual guide rail is grooved for solid grip. Two mat-cutting heads are included. The bevel-cutting head (larger and heavier than the model that comes with the other systems) is adjustable for blade depth, and has a pivoting blade for retraction and an anti-crawl button to prevent the blade from creeping. The included straight-cutting head has three blade settings for matboard, foamboard and storage.  Also included are an eight-ply cutter with blades, a cutter for acrylic plastic, a paper trimmer, a glass-cutting attachment (including cutting oil) and a copy of The Complete Guide to Home Picture Framing.

The Compact Mat Cutter consists of a 32" aluminum guide rail and a mat guide mounted on a 1/2" thick vinyl-covered particleboard base with a groove for accurate cutting. With the same bevel-cutting head and mat knife as the Team System, it has a capacity for bevel cuts and straight cuts. To set mat borders from 3/4" to 5" wide, the mat guide runs along channels parallel to the Imperial/metric scale (graduated to 4-3/8"). Clamps prevent the guide from shifting.

The reasonably priced Team System consists of a 24" aluminum guide rail (Imperial/metric graduations) with a raised edge that the bevel cutter hooks onto to guide the mat cutter. The cutting head has a retractable blade for accurate 45° cuts, a start and stop mark to control overcuts, and adjustable blade depth. Includes a mat knife for straight cuts.

For use on all three systems, the optional straight mat cutter has a spring-loaded handle to keep the blade away from the mat until you are ready to cut. The blade can be set in three positions for cutting matboard or foamboard, and for storage. The glass-cutting attachment hooks onto the guide rail in place of the mat-cutting head. It ensures straight cuts and accurate sizing of glass inserts.

All three systems include five #270 blades (also available at art supply stores).

The Mat-Cutting Kit includes the Team System, five additional blades (for a total of ten), ten 8" x 10" matboards in assorted colors, one sheet of decorative rub-on transfers, and a 64-page instruction booklet (also available separately).

Made in USA.

A.  Simplex Mat Cutter
 86K32.01 Additional views   
  $395.00 Add to cartOnline: Available
B.  Compact Mat Cutter
 86K31.01 Additional views   
  $135.00 Add to cartOnline: Available
C.  Team System
 86K30.01 Additional views   
  $52.50 Add to cartOnline: Available
D.  Optional Straight Mat Cutter
  $29.50 Add to cartOnline: Available
Repl. #270 Blades, pkg. of 10
  $5.20 Add to cartOnline: Available
Repl. Wheel, pkg. of 3
  $17.50 Add to cartOnline: Available
E.  Glass-Cutting Attachment
 86K32.05 Additional views   
  $29.50 Add to cartOnline: Available
F.  Mat-Cutting Kit
  $65.00 Add to cartOnline: Available
Basic Mat-Cutting Booklet
 86K30.11 Additional views   
  $11.50 Add to cartOnline: Available

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