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Suprabeam® Headlamps - WoodworkingSuprabeam® Headlamps - Woodworking
 Suprabeam® Headlamps - Woodworking
 Suprabeam® Headlamps - Woodworking
 Suprabeam® Headlamps - Woodworking
 Suprabeam® Headlamps - Woodworking
With a lens and reflector combination that provides excellent focus control, these headlamps produce brilliant illumination from the middle of the beam to the edge, whether narrowly focused as a spotlight or set as a broad floodlight. An integrated microcontroller regulates power to the Cree LEDs, ensuring consistent light output and long battery life. A mode button lets you easily switch the lamp on and off, or activate an emergency flash setting. When you hold the mode button down, the light dims steadily from full power to a faint glow and back to full power again, holding the desired setting when you release; the lamp saves this setting and returns to it the next time it is turned on.

Lightweight, water resistant and durably constructed, the lamps have an aluminum lens housing set in a rugged plastic body that can be tilted to six different positions within an 85° range. The housing is padded on the back for comfort, and the adjustable headband is easy to remove for washing. Designed, quality inspected and packaged in Denmark, the headlamps are assembled in China from components made in the USA and China. Each comes backed with a 5-year warranty against defects in material and workmanship, and is supplied in a rugged nylon belt/storage pouch.

The V3air lamp produces a beam that is adjustable from 5 to 150 lumens; an additional "boost" mode produces a high-intensity 250-lumen beam that can illuminate objects up 195m (640') away, operating for up to 3 minutes before returning to the normal "on" setting. It weighs 140g (5 oz) and runs on three AAA batteries (included) for up to 100 hours.

We also offer two models powered by an included lithium-ion battery that can be recharged from a USB port (adapter cable included). The V3air Rechargeable lamp produces a beam that is adjustable between 5 and 250 lumens; the boost mode produces a 320-lumen beam that can illuminate objects up 210m (690') away. Operates for up to 100 hours on a charge weighs 150g (5.3 oz).

The V3pro Rechargeable light has a beam that is adjustable from 25 to 170 lumens; the boost mode produces a 400-lumen beam that can illuminate objects up to 245m (800') away. Weighs 184g (6.5 oz). Can also be recharged with the included plug-in charger. To wear any of the V3 headlamps on a hardhat or other hard-plastic helmet, we offer an optional headband made of tough elastic silicone with a texture that resists slipping on the helmet’s smooth surface. Used in place of the fabric band supplied with the headlamp, the 7/8" wide band measures 24" in circumference and stretches to fit a maximum circumference of 28".

A.  Suprabeam® Headlamp, V3air
 45K19.94 Additional views   
  $52.50 Add to cartOnline: Available
B.  Suprabeam® Headlamp, V3air Rechargeable
  $82.00 Add to cartOnline: Available
C.  Suprabeam® Headlamp, V3pro Rechargeable
 45K19.97 Additional views   
  $139.00 Add to cartOnline: Available
D.  Silicone Headband
  $7.95 Add to cartOnline: Available

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