Accessibility Statement

Environmental, Social, and Governance

  • Brand – Our commitment to sustainability extends to every aspect of our company and is intrinsic to our brand. We manufacture and sell quality tools that last for generations, support craft, and enable the acquisition and development of skill. We inspire sustainable activity and support it with rich content and customer education resources.
  • Product – Our product selection is a curated collection of durable and useful items. Our marketing collateral delivers an accurate and informative context to ensure customers buy what they need – and use what they buy. We strive to eliminate all unnecessary packaging on the products we offer.
  • Operations – our commitment extends to how we operate our stores, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities and our corporate offices. We recycle, reuse or re-direct wherever possible We incent our customers to bring in other retailers single-use cartons so we can re-use them. We continue to increase our rate of diversion with a goal to divert ¾ of our waste from landfill.
  • Community – Lee Valley has long-standing relationships with not-for-profit organizations such as The Nature Conservancy, Greenwood, and the Arbor Day Foundation. We support the conservation and protection of natural areas that sustain wildlife and plants. These programs collectively protect millions of acres of natural resources for long-term environmental care.

    Fast Facts:

    • In 2020 we diverted more than 24 metric Tons of sawdust from our manufacturing of tool handles.
    • Our Distribution Center recycled more than 7000 pallets (65 metric Tons).
    • Since 2015 we’ve replaced more than 3500 fluorescent tubes, halogen bulbs, and metal halide bulbs with energy efficient LED lighting, resulting in energy savings of more than 300,000 kwH.
    • Our Distribution Center boasts a 450,000 liter rain water management tank that collects roof-run off, to supply both our fire suppression sprinkler system and irrigation system.