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Lee Valley Precision Story Tape

“Historically, fine cabinet work (and even architecture) has always been done using referential measurement; craftsmen used ratios, relationships, and the tools/material at hand — and did not rely on graduated rules, or “even” dimensions. Mortises were based on material sizes (or chisel widths, irrespective of actual dimension), story sticks recorded dimensions to eliminate measurement error, and material thicknesses were determined by the supply at hand. Today, we tend to rely on measurement instead of experience and technique to ensure that assemblies fit together, and that components have consistent sizes.” (Veritas Tools, 2005)

Emboldened by the success of 2005's Veritas® Dodeca-Gauge, we've been working long and hard on furthering our product offering in the realm of referential measurement. Having converted internally to a completely referential system, we found our own extensive collection of story sticks was not only becoming cumbersome to archive, but rapidly rising shipping costs and length surcharges made shipping story sticks back and forth between sub-contractors prohibitively expensive. Clearly, just as libraries moved to putting newspapers on microfilm to rationalize storage space, we had to find a way to do something similar.

Which brings us to the Precision Story Tape — the only measurement system that's exactly as accurate as you are! Not only is it compact (and affordable to ship), when the tape is not in use, the recorded measurements are cleverly retracted into the integral case, where they are protected from damage, wear, or fading. The luxurious yellow composite case has a sprung lower lip that cushions the datum surface hook from any possibility of impact distortion due to over-exuberant measurement stowage. The recording surface has been carefully designed to reflect the widest spectrum possible in the visible light frequency range, ensuring that it's usable everywhere your eyes are. Custom precision measurements can be permanently recorded with fine-tip alcohol-based permanent markers. This tape can truly tell a tale.

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For portability, a sprung surface attachment device is carefully mounted on one side; a versatile vinyl suspension system is also integrated with the case. A fully customizable cellulose-substrate color-matched graphic has a generous 9 square centimeters of space to record salient tape details.

This is far more than just a replacement for a story stick, though, as the flexible recording surface can also follow contours. Use it to record spindle spacing on curved surfaces (Windsor chair backs), verify circumferences, or transfer spoke locations on hubs. It does it all.

While this instrument is indispensable in the shop, it also has numerous uses around the house. For those with growing kids, it's a handy way to avoid defacing household door moldings, without sacrificing the fun of periodic height measurement. Not only can it be moved easily from house to house, you can have a permanent individual record for each child. In fact, you can make multiples for family and friends. Throw another in the tackle box to record your angling proficiency on the spot. Yes, you can even have a fish story tape!

Available in three models, to suit user preferences: Imperial, metric, and Mesopotamian styles. Not appropriate for relativistic measurement such as Planck length, but awfully handy for plank lengths (not to mention widths and thicknesses!). Available while quantities last.