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Veritas Dodeca Gauge

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This is the ultimate cabinetmakers gauge.

Historically, fine cabinet work (and even architecture) has always been done using referential measurement; craftsmen used ratios, relationships, and the tools/material at hand - and did not rely on graduated rules, or "even" dimensions.

Mortises were based on material sizes (or chisel widths, irrespective of actual dimension), story sticks recorded dimensions to eliminate measurement error, and material thicknesses were determined by the supply at hand. Today, we tend to rely on measurement instead of experience and technique to ensure that assemblies fit together, and that components have consistent sizes.

While the story stick is an excellent method of recording larger dimensions, such as those required for casework, there has been a pressing need for smaller-scale, more refined, and more precise method for recording measurements for joinery. Not only will the Dodeca-Gauge store 12 precise measurements - it can also transfer the measurements directly to a work-piece, with no possibility of measurement or transfer error.

Each of the hardened steel wheel cutters will perfectly scribe at any point of its circumference. Because they cut wood fibers rather than tear, they leave a clean mark, even on cross grain. Each wheel's single-sided bevel also pulls the gauge face against the stock, maintaining accuracy. The cutting edge of the wheel is at the extreme end of the graduated rod, which is useful for transferring dimensions such as tenon shoulder and mortise depth. The wheel retracts into the face of the gauge for storage and protection. The gauges are particularly easy to set, since each has an internal O-ring to keep light but constant friction on the rod.

The proximity of adjacent cutters makes it easy to set mortise widths directly from your chisels, or to take direct measurements off each cheek of a tenon - allowing the mating mortise to be scribed perfectly. The beauty of the design is that adjacent heads can also scribe simultaneously, allowing for up to 6 pairs of coupled measurements, at a variable distance from the fence.

To keep your referential settings clear, the center of the brass face can be written on with a soft pencil (we recommend 2B). One can decide to group measurements by joint, by chisel width, or by material thickness - or even all three. The possibilities are endless.

Each rod is graduated to 6" in 16ths, and is made from centerless ground stainless steel stock, and laser etched. Quantity discounted for those that may have more than one project on the go at a time. Very comfortable gauges to use, and much more elegant to use than multiple single or double gauges.