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Veritas Full-Round Spokeshave

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Maintaining concentricity while forming a tenon, dowel, or spindle is difficult to do with a single-blade 'shave. The VeritasĀ® Full-Round Spokeshave lets you take balanced shavings from each side of the workpiece in a controlled and repeatable manner. Dynamic diameter adjustment is straightforward as the handle studs also control the spread between body segments; just twist the handles while pulling (or pushing) to make precise diameter adjustments (twist just one handle to adjust the radius only).

The O1 blades have a width of 1", and are ground for a maximum cut diameter of 1-1/2". Each blade is fully lapped, and is held securely by a cast-steel lever cap. Blade adjustment is effected using the trapped, lead-free brass knob.

Made in Canada.