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GOTCHA! Happy April 1st!

OK — while the casting is almost production, this plane is equivalent to the "spy shots" common to the automotive industry — somewhat disguised, but with enough correct details to give a taste of the final product.

While we're not really going to offer a 1" thick blade (it'll be 3/16"), what you were just looking at is an early version of our new Low Angle Jack Plane. Planned for release in early June, the actual production version will have a few minor differences — and a "patent pending" feature, which has been deliberately omitted from this model. Watch for complete details in the small catalog mailing mid-May, or here on the Web site.


At the moment, we don't have a numerical designation for it, though we are toying with "62-1/2" — as it's at least half as good again, as what Stanley made (adding the "1/2" would be consistent, as it does indicate a plane wider than standard).

In any event, at least this type of tomfoolery is better than discovering the sugar you put on your cereal this morning is really salt... or having the lid of a shaker loosened... or having confetti in your car heating system... or having your clocks set back an hour...

We'll get straight back to real work tomorrow — as there's a second plane being released May 15th!

Cheers, and thanks for your indulgence —

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