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Gifts for the homeowner

99W9206 - LED Desk Grow Light

LED Desk Grow Light


25K8001 - Dripless Caulking Gun

Dripless Caulking Gun


99W7713 - Inflatable Seat Cushion, pr.

Inflatable Seat Cushions



88N8750 - Franklin M50 Stud Detector

Franklin M50 Stud Detector


99N0423 - Workshop Protractor

Workshop Protractor


27K0709 - Lg. Cord Identifiers, pkg. of 5

Cord Identifiers

From: $6.80

99W8693 - Lee Valley Wooden Folding Rule

Lee Valley Wooden Folding Rule


KC523 - Eton Bluetooth Emergency Weather Radio

Eton Bluetooth Emergency Weather Radio


GL102 - Lanterna Lamp

Lanterna 3-Stage Touch Wireless Lamp


09A0633 - Chrome Spring Card Holder

Spring Card Holders


06D0710 - Woodworker's Knife

Woodworker's Knife


06D0702 - Japanese Carpenter's Knife

Japanese Carpenter's Knife


09A0786 - 10-Pc. Carabiner Set

Stainless-Steel Carabiner Set


67K7440 - Flashlight Holder

Trouble Light/Flashlight Holder


09A0125 - Adhesive-Based Pen & Pencil Holders, tin of 3

Adhesive-Based Pen & Pencil Holders

(Set of 3)


09A0490 - Magnetic LED Tool Light

Magnetic LED Tool Light


09A0435 - Stainless-Steel Cables, pkg of 5

Stainless-Steel Cables

(Pkg. of 5)


45K4505 - Keferloher Beer Stein

Keferloher Beer Stein


DB412 - Set of 2 Cleaning Brushes For Unpleasant Jobs

Good Brushes for Unpleasant Jobs

(Set of 2)


45K2303 - Micro Shears

Micro Shears


AL836 - Melnor Fire Hose Nozzle

Melnor Fire Hose Nozzle


68K1080 - Nite Ize FlipOut Handle & Stand

Nite Ize FlipOut Handle & Stand


DB119 - Chapin Foam Sprayer

Chapin Foam Sprayer


09A0965 - Safety Utility Knife with 10 Repl. Blades

Safety Utility Knife


LED Emergency Lantern

LED Emergency Lantern


45K0752 - Red Original KeySmart (8 keys)

Original KeySmart


45K0781 - KeySmart Knife

KeySmart Knife


45K0780 - KeySmart Accessory Pack

KeySmart Accessory Pack


05H4501 - Christmas Light Hangers, pkg. of 20

Christmas Light Hangers

(Pkg. of 20)


09A0863 - Easy-to-Aim Work Light

Easy-to-Aim Work Light


09A0861 - Magnet-Mount LED Task Light/Flashlight

Magnet-Mount LED Task Light/Flashlight


09A0824 - Digital Luggage Scale

Digital Luggage Scale


45K2244 - Keychain Safety Cutter

Keychain Safety Cutter


99W7667 - 51-Piece Micro-Tool Set

51-Piece Micro-Tool Set


EV383 - Locking Pocket Case

Locking Pocket Case


00F3002 - Trick Lock

Trick Lock


09A0517 - Digital Moisture Meter

Digital Moisture Meter


45K2242 - Silicone Wine-Bottle Caps, pair

Silicone Wine-Bottle Caps



09A0216 - FixClip Clothespins, pkg. of 6

FixClip Clothespins


09A5061 - 600ml (20 fl oz) Gray Durajar Utility Container, ea.

Durajar Utility Containers

From: $5.90

EC680 - Lee Valley Pruning Blade for Reciprocating Saws

Lee Valley Pruning Blade for Reciproca...


68K0784 - Steelie Wall-Mount Kit

Steelie Wall-Mount Kit


09A0167 - Tie Boss, 300 lb load

Tie Boss

From: $21.50

03K0690 - 2-in-1 USB Charging Cable, 38"

2-in-1 USB Charging Cable


27K0702B - Blue Charging Cable Savers for iPhone or iPad, pkg. of 2

Charging Cable Savers for iPhone or iP...

(Pkg. of 2)


45K2709 - Stand-Up Folding LED Magnifier

Stand-Up Folding LED Magnifier


25U0625Y - Yellow Pocket Duct Tape, 5 yd.

Pocket Duct Tape


09A0735 - Set of 3 Forget-Me-Notes Cases


From: $9.50

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