Gifts for the Gardener

PA330 - Hand Loop Weeder

Garden Bandit Hand Loop Weeder


XH561 - Lee Valley Garden Tote Bag

Lee Valley Garden Tote Bag


AB240 - Pruner Holster

Pruner Holster


EB410 - Folding Kneeler Stool

Folding Kneeler Stool


AB208 - Felco Classic Pruner #2

Felco #2 Classic Pruner


LA205 - A Gardener's Journal

A Gardener's Journal — A Ten Year Chro...


EP233 - Kangaroo Pocket Apron, Purple

Kangaroo Pocket Apron


AB379 - Set of 2 Mini Garden Shears

Set of 2 Mini Garden Shears


ED725 - Raspberry Cane Cutter

Raspberry Cane Cutter


KD353 - Wi-Fi Weather Station with Wind and Rain

Wi-Fi Weather Station with Wind and Ra...


BL136 - Grafting Tool

Grafting Tool


Gifts for the Baker

09A0414 - 11" Danish Dough Whisk

Danish Dough Whisks

From: $11.50

Set of three flexible silicone measuring cups sitting on a counter

Flexible Silicone Measuring Cups

(Set of 3)


EV104 - Mini-Measure



EV358 - Starry Night Cookie Stamps, set of 3

Starry Night Cookie Stamps

(Set of 3)


EV725 - Cake Leveller

Cake Leveller


EV209 - Broom-Corn Cake Tester

Broom-Corn Cake Tester


EV126 - Shortbread Pan, Thistle

Shortbread Pan


09A0403 - Butter Measuring Guide

Butter Measuring Guide


Cookie Sheet

Cookie Sheet


EV171 - Lattice Cutter

Lattice Cutter


Help Decorate Mom’s Backyard

AT505 - Solitary Pollen Bee Nest

Solitary Pollen Bee Nest


AG120 - Suet Bird Feeder

Suet Bird Feeder


AB722 - Dragonfly Wingman Deer Fly & Horsefly Deterrent

Dragonfly Wingman Deer Fly & Horsefly ...


AG183 - Hummingbird Feeder, Red

Hummingbird Feeder


EB501 - Bocce Set

Bocce Set


EB514 - Koob Game

Koob - The Viking Game


XK405 - Mayan Hammock Chair

Mayan Hammock Chair


AB804 - Window-Mount Thermometer

Window-Mount Thermometer


ET241 - A "Come-And-Get-It" Bell

"Come-And-Get-It" Bell

$42.50 $29.50

61K2002 -

Garden Bells


GL102 - Lanterna Lamp

Lanterna 3-Stage Touch Wireless Lamp


XC479 - Watering Bulb

Watering Bulb


Gifts Under $20

09A0408 - Portable Cutlery Set

Portable Cutlery Set


HK706 - Compost Tea Bags, pkg. of 12

Compost Tea Bags

(Pkg. of 12)


45K2708 - Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner

Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner


09A0410 - Mini Digital Kitchen Scale

Mini Digital Kitchen Scale


09A0623 - Fingernail and Toenail Clippers, set of 2

Nail Clippers

From: $12.95

45K2242 - Silicone Wine-Bottle Caps, pair

Silicone Wine-Bottle Caps



09A0214 - Mini Bike Pump

Mini Bike Pump


00F3002 - Trick Lock

Trick Lock


25K4116 - Battery-Powered Magnetic LED Orb Light

Battery-Powered Magnetic LED Orb Light


09A0125 - Adhesive-Based Pen & Pencil Holders, tin of 3

Adhesive-Based Pen & Pencil Holders

(Set of 3)


68K0605 - QuikStand



Gifts for the Crafty Mom

Multi-Function Heat Pen Set

Multi-Function Heat Pen Set


27K5075 - 70mm (set of 12) Cases

Watchmaker's Cases in Pasteboard Boxes

From: $9.40

17J3030 - LED Magnifying Bench Lamp

LED Magnifying Bench Lamp


DB201 - Flower Aquarium

Flower Aquarium


Completed Premium Leathercraft Notebook Cover

Premium Leathercraft Notebook Cover Ki...


45K1818 - Pocket Tape Measure, 60"/150cm

Pocket Tape Measure


52K0109 - Tailor's Shears

Tailor's Shears


35K0910 - Set of 12 Palette Knives in Case

Palette Knives in Case


09A0265 - Paintbrush Wash Can

Paintbrush Wash Can


Helpful Gifts for Moms

GP102 - Soft-Touch Gripper, 20"

Soft-Touch Grippers

From: $28.50

Leonardo Shoehorn

Leonardo Shoehorn


45K2708 - Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner

Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner


68K0605 - QuikStand



DB305 - Magnetic Spot Scrubber

Magnetic Spot Scrubber


99W6320 - Pocket Magnet/Pin Retriever

Pocket Magnet/Pin Retriever


83U0416 - Stand-Up Pencil Case

Stand-Up Pencil Case


99W8730 - LED Touch Magnifier

LED Touch Magnifier


09A0387 - Silicone Jar Opener

Silicone Jar Opener


DB314 - Bottle/Vase Cleaning Beads

Bottle/Vase Cleaning Beads


XC488 - Adjustable-Flow Drip Spike, each

Adjustable-Flow Drip Spike


For the Outdoor Stroll

09A2080 - Nylon Gaiters, pair

Nylon Gaiters



GB510 - Deluxe Picnic Backpack

Deluxe Picnic Backpack


68K1012 - Drink Holster

Drink Holster


74K0035 - 20 oz Yeti Tumbler, Navy

Yeti 20 oz Tumbler


09A0326 - Swiss Multi-Tool Tick Remover

Swiss Multi-Tool Tick Remover


PB340 - Folding Trail Saw

Folding Trail Saw


HL446 - Med Light Gray Ultra Adventure Hat

Adventure Sun Hat


Look What I Made For mom

05L3201 - Set(3) Small Chair Plans, Adirondack

Small Adirondack Chair Plans

by Veritas


05H4005 - Lee Valley Hall Seat Bracket

Lee Valley Hall Seat Bracket


88K8072 - Woodworker's Sketch Pencil Kit, Black Chrome

Woodworker's Sketch Pencil Hardware

From: $18.30

AG179 - Portal Protector, Wren

Birdhouse Portal Protectors


00S0732 - Scroll Wooden Shelf Bracket

Wooden Shelf Brackets


99K3350 - 50-Piece Magnet Sampler

50-Piece Magnet Sampler


09A1065  - Premium Leathercraft Multi-Purpose Case Kit

Premium Leathercraft Multi-Purpose Cas...


Gifts for the woodworker mom

60T0317 - Adjustable-Depth Dozuki

Adjustable-Depth Dozuki


05K1505 - Set of 2 Veritas Journeyman’s Brass Mallets

Veritas Journeyman's Brass Mallets

From: $36.50

15P1701 - Cast Round Spokeshave

Cast Round Spokeshave


05N3321 - Standard Wheel Marking Gauge, plain rod

Veritas Standard Wheel Marking Gauge


88N9050 - Tilt Box II Digital Inclinometer

Tilt Box II Digital Inclinometer for T...


60N0702 - Right-Hand Japanese Woodworking Knife

Japanese Woodworking Knife


60N4705 - Lee Valley Pocket Rule

Lee Valley Pocket Rule


15N0501 - Lee Valley Small Double Square

Lee Valley Small Double Square


05N1011 - 1

Veritas Dovetail Markers

From: $8.90

05L3001 - Kitchisippi Chair Plan

Kitchissippi Chair Plan

by Veritas


10S0961 - Narex Classic Bevel-Edge Chisel, 1/4"

Narex Classic Bevel-Edge Chisels

From: $16.90

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