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45K1874 - Lg Ecofan, High-Efficiency Wood Stove


From: $99.50

KC569 - Deluxe Crokinole/Checker/Chess Board

Deluxe Crokinole, Checker and Chess Bo...


05P5571 - Veritas Left-Hand Shooting Plane, PM-V11 Blade

Veritas Shooting Plane

From: $399.00

05P5491 - LH Shooting Board

Veritas Shooting Board


05P8273 - Complete Set of Miniature Tools and Honing Guide

Veritas Miniature Tool Sets

From: $128.00

10S0965 - Narex Classic Bevel-Edge Chisel, 5/8"

Narex Classic Bevel-Edge Chisels

From: $16.90

05T0514 - Set of 3 Veritas Joinery Saws

Set of Three Veritas Joinery Saws


AG328 - Squirrel Buster Peanut+ Feeder

Squirrel Buster Bird Feeders

From: $78.00

05P3801 - Veritas Router Plane

Veritas Router Plane

From: $199.00

EV131 - Juice Press

Juice Press


45K1525 - Krinner Christmas Tree Stand

Krinner Christmas Tree Stand


45K1431 - Camera Lucida

Camera Lucida


05M0920 - Veritas Mk.II Deluxe Honing Guide Set

Veritas Mk.II Deluxe Honing Guide Set


05P3376 - Veritas Concave Spokeshave, PM-V11

Veritas Flat, Round and Concave Spokes...

From: $135.00

45K1987 - Q5XR Flashlight, 1000 lm

Suprabeam Flashlights

From: $54.00

45K1990 - Suprabeam Q7defend Flashlight

Suprabeam Q7defend Flashlight


17N1656 - Bridge City Graduated Try Square, Metric

Bridge City Try Squares

From: $99.00

17N1672 - Bridge City Lg. Multi-Tool (MT-1)

Bridge City Layout Multi-Tools

From: $175.00

PK522 - LED Regular Grow-Light Kit

LED Grow-Light Kits

From: $138.00

05P6601 - Limited Edition 40th Anniversary Veritas Pocket Plane

Limited Edition 40th Anniversary Verit...


70M4607 - Chef'sChoice 15°/20° Dual Knife Sharpener, Model 1520

Chef'sChoice Knife Sharpeners

From: $139.00

45K3018 - Set of 8 Le Thiers Bistro Knives in Cutlery Roll

Le Thiers Bistro Knives

From: $59.00

05T1401 - Veritas Rip Tenon Saw

Veritas Rip & Crosscut Tenon Saws

From: $155.00

45K2212 - All-Season Convertible Wagon

All-Season Convertible Wagon


05P6501 - Veritas Pocket Plane

Veritas Pocket Plane


45K4301 - Smart Machines Kit

Smart Machines Kit: Rovers & Vehicles


05P4171 - Veritas Medium Shoulder Plane, PM-V11

Veritas Medium Shoulder Plane

From: $239.00

EV132 - Classic French Mandoline

Classic French Mandoline


EG356 - Large Vegepod Container Garden

Vegepod Container Garden

From: $209.00

05S2170 - Veritas PM-V11 Bench Chisels, set of 7 (all sizes)

Veritas PM-V11 Bench Chisels

From: $96.00

ZV50090 - Veritas Marking and Measuring Kit

Veritas Marking and Measuring Kit


HB168 - 18" x 22" Portable Mat, Gray

Anti-Fatigue WellnessMats

From: $99.50

99W3973 - Set of Three Carbide-Tipped Turning Tools

Set of Three Carbide-Tipped Turning To...


38N2003 - Razertip System, Model #SK

The Razertip Wood Burning Systems

From: $169.00

05P5901 - Veritas Combination Plane & 1/4" blade

Veritas Combination Plane


PB340 - Folding Trail Saw

Folding Trail Saw


PS502 - Mehu-Liisa Steamer/Juicer

Mehu-Liisa Steamer/Juicer


68K4942B - 32" Black Heavyweight Pants

Herock Work Pants

From: $119.00

05P5820 - Veritas RH Small Plow Plane with 5 Standard Blades (1/8", 1/4", 3/16", 5/16", 3/8")

Veritas Small Plow Plane

From: $289.00

10S0941 - Narex Mortise Chisels, set of 6(1/8" - 1/2")

Narex Mortise Chisels

From: $19.50

33K0618 - Laguiole Carving Set

Laguiole Carving Set


60T0670 - Japanese Detail Saws, set of 3

Japanese Detail Saws

From: $32.00

60W0506 - 83mm (3 1/4") Paring Knife*

Japanese Kitchen Knives

From: $92.00

Cape Cod Doormats

Cape Cod Doormats

From: $69.50

44S0123 - Boxed Set of 7 Bevel-Edge Chisels (1/4" to 1 1/2")

Lee Valley Bevel-Edge Chisels

From: $20.50

86N6003 - Incra Miter 3000SE Gauge

Incra Miter Gauges

From: $119.00

PS211 - Steerable Rolling Seat with Tool Tray

Steerable Rolling Seat with Tool Tray


EG361 - Medium Vegepod Trolley Stand

Vegepod Trolley Stands

From: $155.00

XB140 - Flexzilla Swivel-Grip Hose, 5/8" x 25'

Flexzilla Swivel-Grip Garden Hose

From: $49.50

EB501 - Bocce Set

Bocce Set


EG357 - Large Stand for Vegepod Container Garden

Stands for Vegepod Container Garden

From: $78.50

Veritas Aluminum Straightedges

Veritas Aluminum Straightedges

From: $35.50

EV332 - Food Dehydrator

Food Dehydrator


03J7336 - GuidePRO Bandsaw Guide

GuidePRO Bandsaw Guide


KC250 - Welsh Miner's Lamp

Welsh Miner's Lamp


XB907 - Haws Copper Watering Can

Haws Copper Watering Can


05P7401 - Veritas Cabinetmaker's Trimming Plane

Veritas Cabinetmaker's Trimming Plane


05S2050 - Set of all 5 Veritas O1 Bench Chisels

Veritas O1 Bench Chisels

From: $89.00

45K1997 - Suprabeam Headlamp, V3pro Rechargeable

Suprabeam Headlamps

From: $68.00

05P2901 - Veritas Scraping Plane

Veritas Scraping Plane


74K0011 - Yeti Tundra Hard-Sided 45 Cooler, White

Yeti Tundra Hard-Sided Coolers

From: $350.00

74K0081 - Gallon Yeti Jug (128 fl oz)

Yeti Jugs

From: $130.00

05M3101 - Veritas Mk.II Power Sharpening System

Veritas Mk.II Power Sharpening System


PB170 - Telescoping Aluminum Pole Saw

Telescoping Aluminum Pole Saw


09A0985 - Vermont Farmhouse Dollhouse Kit

Vermont Farmhouse Dollhouse Kit


05S2632 - Veritas PM-V11 Butt Chisel, 2"

Veritas PM-V11 Butt Chisels

From: $87.00

09A0972 - Chiisai Pliers, set of 3

Chiisai Pliers Set


05P3396 - Veritas Large Spokeshave, PM-V11

Veritas Large Spokeshave

From: $169.00

22R1290 - ISOtunes Pro Electronic Hearing Protectors with Bluetooth

ISOtunes Pro Electronic Hearing Protec...


02T1041 - 5" Knew Concepts Alum. Fret Saw

Knew Concepts Aluminum Fret Saw Frame


03A0280 - Sjöbergs Compact Workbench

Sjöbergs Compact Workbench


06D0580 - Flexcut Spoon Carving Knife

Flexcut Spoon Carving Knife


62W3181 - 6" LH Modeller’s Rasp

Liogier Rasps

From: $159.00

60W0510 - Set (3) Japanese Knives*

Starter Set of Japanese Kitchen Knives


05P9001 - Flat Palm Plane

Veritas Detail Palm Planes

From: $82.00

60T7011 - Silky Sugoi 360 Pruning Saw

Silky Sugoi 360 Pruning Saw


05P5073 - Veritas Pullshave, PM-V11 blade

Veritas Pullshave


EV349 - Electric Motor for Marcato Pasta Machine

Electric Motor for Marcato Pasta Machi...


05U1002 - Veritas Bench Axe, left-handed

Veritas Bench Axe


86N4286 - Master JessEm Dowelling Jig Kit (basic jig & both expansion kits)

JessEm Dowelling Jig

From: $156.00

23K1950 - Sweetheart Chisels, Set of 8 (all sizes)

Stanley Sweetheart Socket Chisels

From: $40.00

74K0020 - Yeti Hopper Flip 18 Soft-Sided Cooler, Gray

Yeti Hopper Flip 18 Soft-Sided Cooler


58B1801 - HSS Basic Turning Set of 5

High-Speed Steel Basic Turning Set


86N5307 - Grex P650LXE Pinner, 23 ga.

Grex Pinners

From: $239.50

05P4401 - Veritas Side Rabbet Plane

Veritas Side Rabbet Plane


06D0576 - Carvin' Jack, Left-Handed

Flexcut Carvin' Jack


PW105 - Wheel Hoe

Wheel Hoe


45k0345 - 18" Walkstool Comfort

Walkstool Comfort

From: $112.00

07J0101 - Lee Valley Drilling Kit

Lee Valley Drilling Kit


05M0910 - Veritas Mk.II Narrow-Blade Honing Guide

Veritas Mk.II Narrow-Blade Honing Guid...


AG138 - Bat House

Bat House


09A0983 - Victoria's Farmhouse Deluxe Dollhouse Kit

Victoria's Farmhouse Deluxe Dollhouse ...


09A0987 - Beachside Bungalow Deluxe Dollhouse Kit

Beachside Bungalow Deluxe Dollhouse Ki...


09A0989 - Country Barn Deluxe Dollhouse Kit

Country Barn Deluxe Dollhouse Kit


25K5930 - Pocket-Hole Machine

Kreg Foreman Pocket-Hole Machine


78J0260 - Foredom SR Power Carver Kit

Foredom SR Power Carver Kit


05T1001 - Rip Gent's Saw, 20 tpi

Veritas Gent's Saws

From: $69.00

06D0510 - Beginner Flexcut Carving Set

Flexcut Carving Sets

From: $53.50

ZT200184 - Sysrock

Festool Sysrock


EV260 - Maslin Pan

Maslin Pan


05P2950 - Small Scraping Plane

Veritas Small Scraping Plane


KC607 - 6-Player Croquet Set

Croquet Set


45K1655 - Belt Axe

Belt Axe


XB134 - Compact Hose-Reel Cart

Compact Hose-Reel Cart


20L2025 - Working Wood Book & 7-DVD Set

Working Wood, Book & DVD Series

by Paul Sellers


86N5310 - Grex 1850GB Brad Nailer, 18 ga.

Grex Brad Nailer


05N4010 - "FABRIQUÉ PAR" Electric Branding Iron

Electric Branding Irons

From: $155.00

30N0315 - Starrett 5-In-1 Protractor

Starrett 5-In-1 Protractor


EM610 - Güde Chef's Knife

Güde Chef's Knife


05P2230 - Veritas Standard Block Plane, A2

Veritas Standard and Low-Angle Block P...

From: $179.00

05P4301 - Veritas Large Shoulder Plane, A2

Veritas Large Shoulder Plane

From: $283.00

05P4751 - Veritas Small Shoulder Plane, O1 Blade

Veritas Small Shoulder Plane

From: $219.00

05P4579 - Pair of RH & LH Skew Rabbet Planes, PM-V11

Veritas Skew Rabbet Plane

From: $294.00

05P3317 - Veritas Spokeshave Set, PM-V11, & Roll

Veritas Spokeshave Set and Roll

From: $365.00

05D0505 - Cabinetmaker's Set with Mk.II Honing Guide & 2 3/4" Stone

Cabinetmaker's Sharpening Sets with MK...

From: $118.50

05T0512 - Set of 3 Veritas Saws

Veritas Dovetail & Crosscut Saws

(Set of 3)


05T0510 - Pair of Veritas Saws

Veritas Dovetail & Crosscut Saws



05P5371 - Jack Rabbet Plane, PM-V11

Veritas Bevel-Up Jack Rabbet Plane

From: $393.00

05P3901 - Veritas Small BU Smooth Plane, A2

Veritas Small Bevel-Up Smooth Plane

From: $243.00

05P0371 - Veritas LH Edge Plane, O1 Blade

Veritas Iron Edge-Trimming Planes

From: $139.00

05D0713 - Pro Set with Mk. II Guide (4000x Stone without Base)

Professional Cabinetmaker's Sharpening...

From: $185.00

24K2223 - 9-Piece NWS Insulated (1000v) Master Set

NWS Insulated (1000V) Electrician's To...

From: $129.50

AB674 - Set of all 5 Lee Valley Mid-Length Garden Tools

Lee Valley Mid-Length Garden Tool Sets

From: $105.00

AB633 - Lee Valley Premium Set of 8 Premium Tools (A-H)

Set of 8 Lee Valley Garden Tools


24F0205 - Grip-On Master Set

Grip-On Locking Pliers Master Set


PG111 - Radius Ergonomic Stainless Steel Transplant Spade, Border Fork & Weeder

Radius Ergonomic Stainless-Steel Tool ...

From: $125.00

20L2008 - Working Wood 7-DVD Set

Working Wood DVD Series

by Paul Sellers

From: $26.90

86N5552 - Grex Airbrush Kit, Top-Mount Cup

Grex Airbrush Kits


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