Until you've handled a rare-earth magnet, it's difficult to appreciate just how powerful they are. Their strength has to do with the electron array in the neodymium, the rare earth they are made from. Over the years, our customers have told us about hundreds if not thousands of applications they have found for these magnets.

What are Rare-Earth Magnets?

Rare-earth magnets are made of neodymium iron boron (NdFeB). Neodymium has one of the highest magnetic properties of any magnetic alloy. Good ones have an attractive power 1000 times the weight of the magnet. The smallest magnet we offer can lift a 2 1/2 lb block of steel; the largest will lift a 30 lb block. But sheer strength isn't all they've got going for them. Available in an array of shapes and sizes, they can be used in a remarkable variety of ways, from making workshop aids to kitchen knife holders, fridge knobs and cabinet latches.

Magnets for Every Job

99K3101 - 1/4" × 1/10" Rare-Earth Magnet, each

Rare-Earth Circular Magnets

From: $0.65

99K3800 - 1/8" × 1/8" Rod Magnets, pkg. of 10

Rare-Earth Rod Magnets

From: $1.50

99K3705 - 1" x 1/8" (1/2") Ring Magnet

Rare-Earth Ring Magnets

From: $0.84

99K3862 - 1/2" dia. Spherical Magnet, each

Rare-Earth Spherical and Hemispherical...

From: $3.60

99K3350 - 50-Piece Magnet Sampler

50-Piece Magnet Sampler


09A0497 - Magnet-Mounted Hook, 1" x 1 5/8", set of 3

Magnet-Mounted Hooks

(Set of 3)

From: $7.80

99K3353 - 5/8" Magnet Set, 6 pieces

Rare-Earth Magnet, Cup & Washer Sets

From: $6.70

99K3909 - 1 1/4" Cupped Magnet Set

Cupped Magnet Sets

From: $4.20

Mounting Magnets

Mounting Magnets

While a magnet can be mounted to a non-ferrous surface with glue, setting it in a steel cup focuses the magnetic field and gives it up to four times the holding power. Once the cup is screwed in and the magnet inserted, there is little chance it will ever pop out. If you expect you'll need to remove it, first file a slot in the side of the cup so you can insert a small tool to pry out the magnet. You can mount the cup with wood screws or use a flat-head machine screw held with a nut from the other side; if you don't want the nut to project, counterbore it, and if the counterbore is deep enough, you can conceal it with a plug made with a Snug Plug cutter.

Magnets for the House

50K0201 - Hanger Knob, each

Hanger Knob for Steel Doors


50K0202 - Fridge Magnet, each

Super Magnet for the Fridge


99K3490 - Set of Adhesive-Backed Rare-Earth Magnets, pkg. of 52

Adhesive-Backed Rare-Earth Magnets

From: $5.30

50K0204 - Fridge Magnets, set of 3

Super Magnets for the Fridge

(Set of 3)


50K0301 - Magnetic Spring Clip

Magnetic Spring Clip


50K1502 - Magnetic Cord Holders, pair

Magnetic Cord Holder

From: $14.90

88K7897 - Magnet-Based Pen & Pencil Holders, tin of 3

Magnet-Based Pen & Pencil Holders

(Pkg. of 3)


25K1520 - Magnetic Wrist Nail Holder

Magnetic Wrist Nail Holder


50K1801 - Magnetic Tool Holder

Standoff Magnetic Tool Holder


50K2508 - Magnetic Tacks, pkg. of 6

Magnetic Tacks

(Pkg. of 6)


50K1901 - Belt-Clip Magnet, ea.

Lee Valley Belt-Clip Magnet


50K0401 - Magnetic Studs, pkg. of 4

Magnetic Studs

(Pkg. of 4)


50K1910 - Magnetic Curtain Rod Holders, pr.

Lee Valley Magnetic Curtain Rod Holder...



99K4616 - 16mm Brass Plate Magnetic Bases (8 32 Thread), pkg. of 5

Customizable Fridge Magnet Bases

(Pkg. of 5)

From: $6.90

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