Accessibility Statement

Dear Customer,

During this pandemic, many of us have rediscovered taking long walks through our own neighborhoods. While moving about on foot, there’s plenty of time to notice the things you’d normally drive right past without seeing. Garbage day is particularly revealing – it’s hard not to notice which of your neighbors buys what, or from whom.

For me, what really sticks out is the number of clean boxes that have only been used once. A large number of them have a swoopy arrow sort of logo that just seems to shout “give this box another trip.” While recycling is great, reusing before recycling is even better!

So, for the rest of the summer, we’ll give you a 50 cent per box credit against purchase for each clean and carefully broken down re-usable swoopy arrow box you bring to one of our open stores. If you happen to have a Lee Valley box, we’ll take those too!

You’ll be doing a good thing for the environment, getting some direct financial benefit, supporting a local business, and who knows…maybe the swoopy arrow company will take note and find a creative way to reuse their own packaging.


Even the Best Ideas need a little Boiler Plate

  • Boxes must be in good condition. While we understand they may have been on a trip or two already, we still need enough life for the box to go on another trip.
  • We will apply the credit against an in-store purchase. Credit is not transferable and cannot be applied to a future purchase or gift card.
  • Some supplier agreements prevent us from including them in any programs that affect the net price you pay for their products. Regretfully – we cannot apply this discount to the following products lines: Festool, SawStop, Dremel, Foredom, Tormek, Benchcraft, Lake Erie Toolworks, Gramercy, Bad Axe, Grex, Leigh Jigs and Rikon. The good news is – we have lots of other great products you CAN apply the discount to!
  • Our intent here is to encourage the re-use or re-purposing of boxes at the consumer level, and not the canvassing of entire neighborhoods to deliver truckloads of empty boxes in the hopes of outfitting an entire shop at no cost. We think about 20 boxes per visit per person is fair, and we’re sure we can store and use that many boxes!
  • Please slit packing tape carefully so that you can fold the boxes flat. Be sure to peel off any address label with personal information (pro tip – a hair dryer or heat gun will soften adhesive). We’ll promise to check for anything you miss before we re-use the box.