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Filled with insights and advice from a professional arborist, this practical book explains what your trees need for healthy growth and shows you natural, chemical-free ways to help them thrive.

The author invites you to get to know your trees by observing their normal growth characteristics, so you can quickly recognize when abnormal signs of insect attack, disease, and soil or water deficits appear. He explains how a tree’s systems and processes work throughout the seasons, analyzes bud scars as indicators of tree growth and health, and provides details on branch collars and included bark. He describes natural soil layering and offers straightforward guidance for planting, watering, fertilizing and pruning trees and shrubs.

Lee highlights species from more than 40 genuses of hardy shrubs and trees suitable for climate zone 3, describing their growth habits as well as commonly seen diseases and insect problems.

Supplemented by color photos and drawings, this is an excellent guide for anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of trees and reduce their tree maintenance budget.

Smyth-sewn softcover, 6" × 9", 164 pages, 2021.

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