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Old-growth forests can be found all throughout the diverse forest regions of Ontario. In this comprehensive guidebook, authors Henry and Quinby lead you through these areas to see the majestic trees, explaining their history and ecology in detail.

The book includes a thorough introductory chapter that explains old-growth forests and what to look for, offering advice and tips before outlining the various forest regions. The following five chapters are separated by type of old-growth forest (Carolinian or deciduous, northern hardwood, hemlock and others, white and red pine, boreal, ancient cedars) and where you’ll find them. A final chapter describes in depth the current threats to these areas and how we can best conserve them.

Lavishly illustrated with color photographs and maps (including canoe/portage routes), and including short essays by notable experts, this is a highly readable guide, sure to please nature lovers and amateur explorers alike.

Softcover, 10" × 8", 271 pages, 2021.

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