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In this updated edition of Johnson’s native plant guide, first published in 1999, the author provides Canadian gardeners with information on native plant species she considers easy to grow in garden settings and relatively easy to find from nursery sources.

She identifies three North American geographical ranges (northwest, prairies and northeast) and clarifies terms used for types of native plant habitat within broad categories such as woodland, wetland or meadow.

In addition to a revised introduction, updated plant names and details on wildlife interaction with native plants, the guide offers profiles of 100 native plants. Each includes common and botanical names, information on plant height, blooming period, exposure and moisture conditions, and related native species that grow in regions outside the native range. Expert tips on plant maintenance, propagation and companion planting are also given.

Supplemented with color photos and charts that list plants by habitat and geographical ranges, growing conditions and attractiveness to pollinators, this is a comprehensive, easy-to-use reference.

Softcover, 8" × 9 1/4", 160 pages, 2017.

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