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Special buy. Limited stock.

While "one size fits all" often means "fits no one perfectly", that's not the case with these universal-fit gloves.

Made from a polyester-Spandex weave, they stretch easily without feeling tight or restrictive, fitting comfortably on a wide range of adult hand sizes. Unlike typical stiff, bulky work gloves, they allow good sensitivity and freedom of movement, while a layer of tough, durable polyester on the palms and fingers helps protect against cuts, splinters and abrasion.

They have breathable backs to prevent hands from overheating, and elasticized cuffs to help keep out dirt and debris. Unisex style, suitable for anyone in the family with a hand size from men's small to XXL, the machine-washable gloves come in packs of three pairs (red, orange and yellow) at an excellent price.

Lightweight, form-fitting protection for yard and garden work.

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