Accessibility Statement


Unlike traditional gloves that provide only hand and wrist protection, these gloves have long cuffs that give fingertip-to-elbow coverage, shielding skin from sun, soil and abrasion.

The finger-seam design (normally found in high-end dress gloves) uses one continuous piece of material between all the fingers. This construction and the stretch nylon LYCRA material create an extremely comfortable glove with superior fit that allows full dexterity. The tight knit of the fabric keeps soil out and hands and nails clean, and silicone dots from the palm to the fingertips provide enhanced grip.

For those who prefer to garden unencumbered by traditional work gloves, these are an excellent solution. Machine washable.

To determine your glove size, measure (in inches) the circumference of your hand (not including the thumb) and order the closest size, e.g., a circumference of 7 3/4" would be size 8.

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