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With two separate side-by-side compartments, this rolling composter lets you continuously cycle two batches of compost from your kitchen scraps and yard waste.

Once you have filled one compartment, leave this first batch to age while adding fresh material to the second compartment; when the first batch is ready, the compartment can be emptied to accept new material, while the second batch is then left to break down, continuing the cycle. Turning the barrel every few days introduces air into the compost, speeding decomposition. Internal baffles aid mixing, and an adjustable vent lets you control airflow. The sliding lid provides access to the contents, with symbols to identify which compartment contains new material and which one is being left to age. With each completed batch, simply rotate the lid to ensure correct identification. Finished compost is produced in just 4 to 6 weeks.

The 26" × 28" UV-resistant polypropylene barrel stands 36" tall on the galvanized steel frame. Each compartment has a capacity of 2.5 cubic feet.

Made in Canada.

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