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This U.S.-made wheel hoe does an outstanding job of keeping garden beds weeded and cultivated. Its design stems directly from that of the famed Planet Jr. wheel hoe, a popular tool with home and market gardeners a century ago.

The 1 1/2" wide, 15" diameter steel wheel makes it remarkably maneuverable, and the powder-coated steel base provides a sturdy mount for the attachments. The 58" Amish-made hardwood handles are height adjustable and comfortable to grip.

The wheel hoe is supplied with a removable set of three tines, which are particularly good for shallow cultivation, breaking up and aerating compacted soil, preparing seedbeds, and raking debris from the soil surface.

Optional sweep, plow, row marker and oscillating attachments are available separately.

The wheel hoe is a superb tool for preparing and maintaining garden beds, faster and with much less effort than a regular hoe, and without the noise and smell of a power tiller.