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What sets this fork apart from other long-handled digging tools is how strong yet lightweight and easy to maneuver it is when completing heavy digging jobs, ground preparation and harvesting.

Weighing 3 lbs 12 oz and measuring 43" overall, it has a durable ash shaft set in a deep socket for excellent strength. The non-rusting stainless-steel head measures 11 1/2" × 7" and has well-formed tips to easily penetrate soil.

It exceeds the British standard of 121 lb of prying force at the end of the handle without breaking; however, it is not indestructible, so it should not be used to uproot saplings or move boulders.

As with any wooden-handled tool, we do not recommend leaving it outdoors in the rain.

The digging fork is also available in a set with a matching spade.

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