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These knives have a trowel-like blade with a sharp edge to let you use the same tool for digging, planting and cutting. The blade is sharpened on both sides, with serrations on one edge to help with cutting tough roots or dividing perennials. Deeply stamped markings on the blade (in 1/2" and 5mm increments) help you set the correct planting depth for seeds and bulbs.

The small knife is 10 3/4" long with a 5 7/16" long, 1 5/8" wide blade, and the large knife is 13 1/2" long with a blade just under 7" long and 2" wide. Both are suitable for gardening in containers or the ground, and the small knife is particularly friendly to smaller hands.

Each has a stainless-steel blade for durability and corrosion resistance, secured to the tang with strong, smooth welds. The beech handles are shaped for comfort, are lacquered and have a ferrule capping the end grain to prevent swelling or splitting. A synthetic leather sheath with a belt loop is included.

Made to our specifications, these knives will easily last a lifetime.

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