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Machetes are the go-to tools in many regions for gardening and cultivation work. Though crude looking, they are a remarkably efficient tool for clearing or trimming vegetation and chopping brush to size for bundling or composting.

Founded in 1874, the Ralph Martindale company is renowned for its Crocodile brand machetes. These Ghanian-made machetes are roll-forged high-carbon steel and are tapered in section from the spine, aiding with durability while reducing overall weight.

The blade has a series of parallel grooves on each face to reduce stiction. They also prevent the blade from gumming up in use, allowing it to be more easily removed from sapwood.

While there are many machete blade styles, this one is popular in Ghanian cocoa and coconut agriculture, favored for its broad section at the tip that gives it a bit more heft for ease of chopping.

About 23" long overall, it has an 18" blade and a riveted hardwood handle. The blade has a rudimentary bevel edge that should be sharpened with a file (available separately).

An excellent tool for tough yard work.

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