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Quick to set up and compact to store, this pop-up cover comes with two different interchangeable tops to protect plants through the seasons.

In spring and fall, the sturdy, reinforced plastic top traps warm air inside, acting like a mini-greenhouse to insulate against frost. This can also be used to give new seedlings a much-needed head start early in the season by warming the soil to help accelerate growth. During the summer months, you can switch to the mesh top for protection against pests, hail and strong winds. The mesh permits good ventilation to prevent overheating while letting sunlight and rainfall pass through.

The sturdy wire frame springs open as soon as you release the two toggle closures, instantly forming a 16" tall by 16" diameter freestanding structure that can be held in place with two included steel ground stakes. When it’s not needed, the cover can be collapsed flat to take up minimal storage space.

A simple, practical way to protect your plants from many common threats.

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