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Many varieties of vegetables attract small insects that feed on your harvest. This 7' × 25' fabric offers a solution by keeping your vegetables covered and protected without the need for chemical sprays. Made from UV-resistant mesh, the material is tightly woven so that even the smallest pests cannot get through.

Once you have it set up, ideally right after planting, you can leave your vegetables covered at all times. The mesh is transparent and fine enough that it does not need to be removed for you to inspect or water your plants. It also allows good air circulation and does not trap or amplify heat. Estimated lifespan of 3 to 4 years with regular use.

A set of 10 garden hoops is included to support the mesh barrier and provide enough room between the fabric and your vegetables. The metal hoops are 76" long and bend to cover a 3' wide row (about 20" high).

Additional fabric and hoops are available separately.

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