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To make swimming areas in lakes and ponds more inviting, this tool helps reduce silt and debris, making the bottom firmer over time. Rolled back and forth across the bottom periodically, it agitates organic sediment, breaking it up so it disperses and settles more readily, while speeding natural decomposition.

Rows of large, hooked galvanized steel teeth are mounted on a 25" wide hollow PVC drum that fills with water and sinks, so it maintains good contact with the bottom without being too heavy to maneuver easily. The tool’s overall length of over 12' permits the reach needed to cover a large area from a standing position on a shoreline or dock, and has a coated aluminum handle that separates into four sections for storage.

An effective manual alternative to chemical treatments.

Consult local environmental regulations before using this product on public waterways, as some jurisdictions prohibit disruption of natural shoreline habitats. We also recommend identifying any aquatic vegetation in the area, since disturbing some invasive species can help them spread.

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