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This set of three weeding and cultivating essentials includes our blade and claw cultivators plus our swoe weeder at a saving of about 20%.

The blade cultivator has an unsharpened hook-shaped blade designed to uproot weeds rather than slice them. At 1/16" thick, the blade easily slides into tight spaces between plants and also fits between paving stones to lift out grass, weeds and moss.

The claw cultivator has an extended middle tine to reach into corners and close to plants or walls to drag weeds away, while the aggressively curved side tines aerate the soil and pull weeds out by the roots.

The swoe weeder has a 5" wide blade that is used in a push-pull motion to cut off weeds just below the soil surface.

Each has a 60" hardwood handle, long enough for you to work comfortably standing upright.

Components also available separately.

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