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Save over 22% on this set of excellent tools compared to buying the items individually.

This set features some of our favourite pruning tools, providing you with what you need to trim anything from tiny twigs to substantial branches. Made with strong steel blades and sturdy but lightweight construction, it’s a set that will stand up hard use. The included diamond sharpener helps you keep a keen edge on the pruners to allow clean, faster healing cuts. 

High-Quality Bypass Pruner

The bypass pruner has a well-fitted construction of cast aluminum alloy and hardened tool-steel , making it cut cleanly, reliably, and without much effort. Measures 7 3/4" overall with a 1 5/8" blade and comes with a spare blade to ensure many years of service.

High-Quality Anvil Pruner

While the bypass pruner makes a clean slice through soft green stems without crushing, this anvil version provides the strength and leverage needed for cutting tough, dry deadwood. Made of strong but lightweight forged aluminum, it has a high-carbon SK-5 Japanese steel upper blade that can power through woody material. A PVC coating on the handles provides a good grip. Comes with a replacement blade to ensure long-term service.

Diamond Sharpening Stick

With this little tool, sharpening pruners and loppers is easy. Simply swipe it along the existing bevel of the blade; the 280x diamond polycrystalline grit leaves a nicely sharpened edge. At 7 3/4" overall, it collapses to 5 3/8" to fit neatly in a pocket, and provides both a flat surface for sharpening pruners, loppers and scissors, and a half-round surface to accommodate serrated edges. An effective and versatile one-step sharpening tool.

Curved Pruning Saw

The unique curved blade on this saw helps it to stay in the kerf while cutting, letting you concentrate on sawing instead of positioning the blade. The Japanese-style teeth are extremely sharp, and make a smooth cut that promotes quick healing. 19" overall with a 13" long blade, it is suitable for branches up to 5" in diameter. Made in Japan.

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