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Save over 20% on this set compared to buying the items individually.

Made up of some of our most rugged and durable tools, this is an excellent set for getting a garden bed up and running. It includes full-length tools for landscaping and ground preparation, and hand tools for working from a kneeling position.

The digging spade and fork are suitable for all heavy digging jobs and harvesting, while the transplant spade is sized for more precise garden work. These three tools are so strong that you can apply 150 lb of prying force at the end of the handle and be confident it will not break. All have non-rusting stainless-steel heads that are easily scoured, and weatherproof tubular steel handles with molded plastic covers and comfortable handgrips; the spades have nicely finished foot treads.

The trowel and cultivator are made to our specifications and will easily last a lifetime; besides the beech handles, all their components are stainless steel. Shaped for comfort, the handles are lacquered and have a ferrule that caps the end grain to prevent splitting. The trowel blade and cultivator tines are well formed and secured to the tangs with strong, smooth welds.

Stainless-Steel Digging Spade

The digging spade measures 45" long, has an 11 1/2" × 7" head and weighs 6 lb 2 oz.

Stainless-Steel Digging Fork

The digging fork measures 45" long, has an 11" × 7" head and weighs 5 lb 12 oz.

Stainless-Steel Transplant Spade

The transplant spade combines the best features of a rabbiting spade and a trenching spade. Ideal for working in a confined area, it is designed to capture a decent depth of root structure when transplanting without causing damage to surrounding plants. Measures 45" long, has an 11" × 5 1/2" head and weighs 5 lb 10 oz.

Lee Valley Trowel

The trowel has a 5 1/4" long, 2 3/4" wide blade and an offset handle for knuckle clearance.

Lee Valley 3-Prong Cultivator

The three-prong cultivator has rounded tines that move through soil easily, aerating it while uprooting weeds.

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