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This long-handled shovel is perfect for digging in beds and borders.

The smaller-than-normal tempered steel head, which measures 8 1/2" × 6", doesn't disturb neighboring plants, and the strong ash handle gives adequate leverage while letting you work from an upright position. The treaded head is set almost parallel to the handle so it is ideal for digging.

Most long-handled shovels have a steep angle (called the lift) between the head and handle, meaning you need to push the handle well away from you if you want to drive the blade straight down. However, the lift on this shovel lets you keep the handle close to your body as you work. This combination of features makes it a great shovel for planting, transplanting and preparing beds. Measures 52" overall. Made in Canada.

Please note: Even though the handle should last the life of the shovel, we do not guarantee handles on long-handled shovels because of the irresistible temptation some gardeners seem to have to pry boulders.

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