Accessibility Statement


The lightweight, ergonomic design of these shovels is an advantage to anyone performing garden work. Three main features set them apart from traditional shovels.

First, the shafts come in three lengths, so you can choose the tool most appropriate to your height. The 39 1/2" long shovel is recommended for users under 5'2", the 41 1/2" long shovel for those between 5'2" and 5'7", and the 45" long shovel for users over 5'7".)

Second, the wide, D-shaped handle permits a comfortable grip in a range of natural hand positions, and is set at a slight forward tilt to allow you to apply leverage more effectively.

Lastly, they have extra-large, folded steps (the largest in our line), providing a reliable place to register the foot against, with a prominent tread pattern to avoid slippage. This design lets you use the strongest muscles of the body – those of the calf and thigh – to bear the bulk of the effort required for digging.

Each shovel has an 11" × 8 1/2" wide head made of 14-gauge tempered carbon spring steel, fastened with a strong rivet-and-socket connection to the American ash shaft. Each shovel weighs just under 4 lb.

These shovels were developed in cooperation between Green Heron Tools and researchers at Penn State University, through a USDA grant for redesigning agricultural tools for women. However, the resulting design offers distinct advantages for all gardeners, regardless of gender. Highly efficient shovels, they are sure to become favorites.

Made in USA.