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Sturdily constructed for dependable service, this spade is ergonomically designed and well balanced so it’s comfortable to use.

About 46 1/2" overall, it is longer than most and has a 36" handle made of strong, lightweight ash, steam bent to a slight curve that allows you to make better use of the leverage afforded by the added length. The stainless-steel head measures about 11" × 7", with smooth surfaces and sharp edges to easily penetrate soil. Folded steps provide a place to register the foot against when digging in hard-packed earth.

An extra-long socket strengthens the shaft – exceeding the British Standard for strength, this tool can bear over 121 lb of force at the end of the handle without breaking. While we don’t recommend using it to uproot saplings or pry boulders, with reasonable use it should easily last a lifetime.

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