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Save around 15% on this set compared to buying the items individually.

Sharp tools give better results with less effort. That’s probably obvious for everyday cutting tools such as knives and scissors, but some people may not realize that lawnmowers and even shovels also benefit greatly from occasional sharpening. This set combines five convenient sharpening aids, so you can quickly restore the edges on a range of common household tools whenever needed – a simple step that makes the rest of the day’s work more efficient. All are easy to use; the mill file is about as basic as a tool can be, and the rest are designed to eliminate the guesswork by setting the correct sharpening angle for you.

Bahco Mill File

This mill file is all you need to restore the edges on many garden tools, particularly shovels and hoes, allowing them to move through soil and even cut roots with less effort. The double-cut side abrades rapidly to remove nicks and burrs and quickly restore the bevel, while the single-cut side is used to smooth the final edge. It is 11 1/2" overall with 7" of cutting surface and has a hole in the handle portion so it can be hung at the ready in a shed or workshop.

Knife Sharpener

The knife sharpener offers a straightforward, reliable way to keep knives cutting at their best. Lightly drawing an edge through the intersecting carbide blades automatically sets the proper bevel angle. A very dull knife may need several passes, but for most touch-ups, a single swipe is enough. The sub-micron carbide particles are extremely hard and durable, and since each blade has four edges, it can be rotated to a fresh edge if one is accidentally damaged. If used with care, the sharpener should easily last a lifetime. It comes with the blades set for right-hand use, but they’re easily reversed.

Pruner Sharpener

Simply clamped to the back of the blade, the pruner sharpener makes it easy to keep your pruners and loppers in good working condition. Just insert the guide rod into one of four holes to match the existing blade bevel; the guide rod automatically maintains a consistent angle as you run the silicon carbide sharpener back and forth. Made in England.

Rotary Mower Sharpener

The rotary mower sharpener is used in a power drill to quickly sharpen the blade of a rotary mower. With a fixed backplate that holds the reversible grinding wheel at the correct angle on the blade, it also does an excellent job on spades, hoes and edging tools. Good for about 10 sharpenings. (Not for use on mulching blades.)

Scissor Sharpener

The scissor sharpener conveniently sharpens both blades at once. Just a few minutes of attention greatly reduces the effort and frustration of using dull shears. The tungsten carbide abrasive is set in a sturdy housing that can be mounted to a workbench or other surface with the included screws. Made in England.

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