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Save over 20% on this set compared to buying the items individually.

Working with well-maintained tools helps to make the time and effort you spend in the garden productive. For keeping your garden tools at their best, we’ve put together a set of reliable, easy-to-use products that includes rust erasers for removing corrosion from metal tools, a mill file for restoring edges on many garden implements, particularly shovels and hoes, and a robust scouring brush for effectively cleaning tools after use.

Rust Erasers

The trio of pliable abrasive blocks includes one each of coarse, medium and fine grit. Each 3" × 2" × 3/4" rubber-like block has abrasive embedded throughout and works well wet or dry. Besides their usefulness with metal tools, they will also clean up cookware — even soot-blackened camping pots.

Bahco Garden Tools File

Unlike knives or woodworking tools, garden tools need only a well-formed edge, not a honed edge. A shovel or a hoe can easily be sharpened in a few minutes with this file that is double cut on one side for fast stock removal and single cut on the other to smooth the final edge. The file is 11 1/2" long overall with 7" of cutting surface and has an integral handle with a hanging hole.

Toolshed Brush

As the name implies, this is an excellent brush to keep in a toolshed for quickly scouring garden tools and plant pots, as well as any number of other tasks that call for a firm scrubber. The dense bristles are made from robust union fiber (a blend of palmyra and other natural, water-resistant plant fibers) and set at a slight forward angle for an aggressive abrasive action. The brush is 11 1/2" long overall and has a generously sized European oak handle with a bevelled end that can be used as a scraper.

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