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Special offer. Limited stock.

While quantities last, we’re offering this set of three sharpeners, which cover a wide range of household sharpening needs, at a saving of over 36% compared to buying the individual items at our regular prices (a $62.50 value).

Sharp tools give better results with less effort. With this set of three sharpeners, you can quickly restore the edges on your tools whenever needed. Easy to set up and use, each removes the guesswork by automatically setting the correct angle for you.

The shear and scissor sharpener conveniently sharpens both blades at once. The tungsten carbide abrasive is set in a sturdy housing that can be mounted to a workbench with the included screws. Made in England.

The rotary mower sharpener is used in a power drill to sharpen the blade of a gas or electric rotary mower. With a fixed backplate that holds the reversible grinding wheel at the correct angle on the blade, it also sharpens spades, hoes and edging tools. Good for about 10 sharpenings. (Not for use on mulching blades.)

The pruner and lopper sharpener clamps to the back of the blade. Just insert the guide rod into one of four holes to match the existing blade bevel; it automatically maintains a consistent angle as you run the silicon carbide sharpener back and forth. Made in England.

A small investment to keep an array of everyday edge tools working at their best.

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