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Save over 10% on this selection of highly recommended tools compared to buying the items individually.

Composed of some of our favorite tools, this set lets you get rid of weeds wherever they are found. Each of the unconventional-looking tools is specialized for a particular kind of weeding: digging out deep taproots, sweeping shallow-rooted weeds out from soil, weeding between plants in crowded garden beds, and getting between patio stones to slice weeds out of the cracks. 

Lee Valley Dandelion Digger

Used for removing long-rooted weeds from lawns and gardens, the great advantage of this forged steel tool is the wide spoon-shaped shoulder behind the “V”, which lets you actually lever weeds out rather than have the neck of the tool sink into the ground. 24" long overall, with an 18" handle hardwood handle that gives you plenty of leverage.

Lee Valley Loop Hoe

We designed this hoe to make weeding easier in congested areas. The loop design lets you see where the complete 3" wide blade is at all times, helping you avoid the roots and stems of plants you want to keep. The thin, stainless steel loop slices through the soil with minimal resistance. Designed to be used in a near vertical position (like a collinear hoe) it is very easy on the back, letting you use a motion much like sweeping. 54" shaped hardwood handle. 56" overall.

Garden Bandit Hand Loop Weeder

This loop weeder has a thin, rigid stainless-steel blade that tapers to a rounded point, allowing precise, targeted weeding. Since you can see the edges of the blade at all times, it also helps you avoid accidentally nicking the stems or roots of other plants. The broad blade can also be used for trenching or furrowing when drawn at an angle. Made in Canada, it is 12" long overall with a UV-resistant plastic handle. Various colors, depending on supply. A rugged and reliable tool.

Lee Valley Crack Weeder

This high-quality weeder has a sharp slicing blade and thin-profile hook for weeding between walkway and patio stones. Besides the beech handle, all components are stainless steel for durability and corrosion resistance. It will easily last a lifetime.

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