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Weed-control sprays are easy to use but notorious for eliminating more than just the weed. This is a simple tool for eradicating unwanted weeds in a single targeted application. Resembling a large Q-tip, it is similar to something you could make yourself with a broomstick and a rag.

When pressed down onto a weed, the sponge-tip applicator provides a controlled dose of solution you supply without affecting any of the surrounding plants. This is useful when working in windy conditions, as even the slightest breeze can cause spray to drift.

The wand is 41" and holds up to 450ml of liquid.

All liquid should be emptied from the weedstick after use. To clean the sponge and get rid of any residue, remove it from the stick, soak it in warm water with gentle soap, then rinse and let dry.

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