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This is a great way to get rid of weeds on patios or between paving stones without resorting to chemicals. It's also effective for removing ice from walkways. Because you can kill weeds by applying only enough heat to shrivel them, you can cover a lot of area quickly with this 100,000 BTU torch. We offer two models. The original torch produces a continuous flame when ignited, suitable for covering larger areas. Also available with a flame-control squeeze valve on the wand that lets you minimize the flame so you don't waste propane while moving from spot to spot.

Each torch comes assembled with a 10' hose that connects to any standard refillable propane cylinder (North American only), the 20 lb barbecue cylinder being the most common. Not suitable for lawns.

Made in the USA and CSA certified. To be operated in accordance with local bylaws. Instructions and a spark striker included.

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