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To clear weeds from overgrown ponds without tearing up the bottom, this tool slices aquatic plants off at the stem like an underwater scythe. Just pitch the head into the water and drag it back using the 30' buoyant rope. You can adjust the span of the stainless-steel blades from 30" to 60" wide to target precise areas, or cut a broad swath to clear large areas quickly.

Largely made of galvanized steel and aluminum, it weighs 9 lb and comes with a sharpener as well as blade covers for safe storage. Simple and effective.

The Weed Razer Pro is also available in a set with the Weed Raker at a small saving.

Before using this product on public waterways, consult local environmental regulations, as some jurisdictions prohibit removal of native plants from waterways and shorelines. We also recommend identifying any vegetation you’re dealing with, since disturbing some invasive aquatic plants can help them spread.

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