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Not only are these LED lights motion-activated, but they also "talk" to each other, so the instant any single light senses you, the entire array lights up. When someone comes within a 15' range in front of the sensor, it not only turns that light on, but the transmitter also sends a radio signal to trigger all other lights simultaneously. Simple to install, the lights come with sturdy ground stakes, or can be mounted on a fence or wall using keyhole slots on the back (fasteners included). Each has a tough, impact-resistant plastic housing rated for all-season exposure and stands about 6 1/2" above the ground when stake-mounted.

The high-efficiency Cree LEDs are rated for up to 30,000 hours of operation and run on three C batteries (not included). To help ensure batteries last (for up to 3,000 activations), the lights automatically shut off if no motion is detected for 20 seconds, and a light sensor prevents daylight activation. From dusk to dawn, the lights emit a soft 2 lumen glow as a default setting when not activated.

You can use up to a total of 50 lights (which can include our synchronized floodlights) or subdivide your system into as many as four separate networks. Transmitter range between any two lights is up to 150' (less if blocked by obstructions) but because the signal spreads from light to light, a 50-light network can span up to 7500' overall.