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Conventional flower presses can take up to 3 weeks to dry flowers. This microwave oven press will do it in minutes. An impatiens can be pressed and dried in as little as 3 minutes, a black-eyed Susan in 2 minutes. More important, this method preserves colors far better than the slow-drying process.

The press comes with two absorbent pads of natural wool and two sheets of broadcloth that sandwich between two stout kiln-fired terra cotta slabs. The slabs (weighing 2 lb each) are heavy enough to ensure plants are pressed flat. Microwaving forces moisture out of the plant through the wool and out of the press. The terra cotta slabs moderate the drying process, preventing the problems of over-fast drying.

The press measures 6 1/2" × 6 1/2" and gives more than 40 of pressing area.

The dried flowers and foliage can be mounted on cards or behind glass. Full instructions are included. Makes a great gift. Patented.

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