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Reel mowers are becoming a more common sight in our neighborhoods. The first reason people are making the transition to these mowers is environmental: a typical gas mower produces a surprising amount of pollutants – both in exhaust and in spilled fuel. The second reason is quality: reel mowers deliver a superior cut because they shear grass rather than tear it. Tearing gives an uneven cut and causes tip browning. As a result, reel mowers have replaced rotary ones as the mower of choice on golf courses and estates. Another obvious reason for spurning gas mowers is that their sounds and smells are generally unwelcome on a beautiful summer evening. While reel mowers require more heft than power mowers, these modern models are much lighter and easier to push than the heavy cast-iron versions of old.

We offer three different Lee Valley reel mowers to suit your lawn and your pocket book. All have ball-bearing mounted reels for years of trouble-free service. Some assembly and set-up is required, instructions included.

The 14" mower is our smallest and lightest reel mower, perfect for those small lawns found around many urban houses. It worked well in our tests, cutting through even long and matted grass. The five-blade reel has 14" wide blades (actual cutting width 13"), and is height adjustable from 1/2" to 1 1/2". Weighing only 19 lb, it has 8" diameter wheels.

The 18" mower is a great all-purpose mower that cuts virtually any type of grass. Mid-size and mid-weight, it has greater cutting height than the 14" mower but less than the 20" mower (ranging from 1/2" to 2 1/4"). The five-blade reel has 18" wide blades (actual cutting width 17"). Weighing 24 lb, it has 10" diameter wheels.

The 20" mower has the widest cutting path of all our reel mowers. Two quick-release levers easily set the cutting height from 1 7/8" to 3", allowing a higher cut for better soil moisture retention, more effective weed control, and a lusher-looking lawn. The four-wheel design adds stability, with 10" front wheels and 6" rear wheels. This 30 lb, five-blade mower cuts virtually any type of grass.

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